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Welcome to Staro - one of the leading trotting stud farms in Sweden. In addition to our breeding program, we have a first class semenstation and offer stabling for broodmares and yearlings. Stud activity has been in present ownership since 1986.



There are 6 stables with 78 boxes and 5 pcs loose housing with a total of 100 seats.
Quarantine Stables is 13 boxes.


Distance from the main farm is about 2 km.



Horse clinique

Horse clinique on the farm run by veterinary Håkan Ahlström 0474-61030.





The stud receives broodmares for guarding and foaling.
There are 11 foalboxes with a size of 15 sqm. Monitoring takes place with the magnetic chip.

3.000 SEK.


The separation taking place over 2-4 weeks, foals are separated from the mare at night and goes along the day. When this occurred, they are placed in groups in our newly built stables, grouping is done with into account the age and how they joined together in the summer.

In february divided the groups by gender. They are also taught to stand tied. Chip labeling have been performed. This includes vaccination against A2 and tetanus. Our staff also takes care of hoof care.


We use Krafft products and farm-haylage.

Today the horses are fed according to the following routine:


Young horses are fed individually and have natural dispute free access to haylage.


Enclosed pasture

They are adjacent to the stables and fences of wood or iron bars.

Enclosed pasture have gravel.


Veterinary inspection is performed every other day at fresh sperm insemination.
Frozen semen four times each day.
Veterinarian lives on the stud and is available around the clock.
Responsible veterinarians associated with the farm,
Aili Ruul and Gunnar Nordlöf,
telephone number 0474-610 70.


Fence's condition are two branches or
one branches + electric rope.


Prices 2018/2019
Broodmare single 140 SEK
Broodmare with foal 155 SEK
Boarding 1 year 135 SEK
Young horse 125 SEK


Veterinary avg./Seminservice
Fresh, Staro stallions 2.000 SEK
Fresh, External stallions 3.800 SEK
Frozen 7000 SEK


Fee above including stationfee.

Boarding Price /day
Broodmare single 120 SEK
Broodmare with foal 140 SEK.


Farm size
640 ha of which 86 ha of arable land, 2330 hectares of pasture and 321 ha of forest.

Approved EU station
This means that we have the right to send and receive fresh and frozen semen to and from abroad within the EU.
We have the registration number GB H12.






Team Staro



We, in this team, have interest and expertise to provide our mare owners the best service as our customer. You are always welcome to visit us!     


Do you want to practice with us? Call and talk to Inger tel. 0474- 610 70







Born 1954.
Owners of Staro
International AB.



Staffan began with trotting ponies in adolescence and got the first warmblood horse 1973. He handles the recruitment of breeding stallions and sales of young horses, and keeps in touch with Staros foreign recipients of stallion semen. Staffan has also approved semen training.  



Inger Lundh

Born 1951

Receives bookings and manages the office.
Inger has a background in harness racing with 7 years at STC and has worked at Gunnar Nordin and Jim Frick.
Has been working at Staro since 1997.    




Has 35 years of experience of semi-work including 15 years at Staro.




Aili Ruul

Veterinarian. Worked with semin in Estonia before.
Worked first year at Staro 2002.
Permantly since 2012. Experienced stud veterinarian.


Pawel Jaroszewicz

Born 1968

Grooms and caretaker


Majvor Johansson

Born 1969

Worked at Staro since 2014.


Gamon Tapila

Born 1996



Sannimaria Puotila

Born 1994

worked at Hunterton Farm/Stoner Creek, USA


Andrea Elizondo Esteves

Born 1980

worked at Hunterton Farm/Stoner Creek, USA